الأربعاء، 25 يناير، 2012

Take insight from American Jews

 The Jewish publisher of Atlanta Jewish Times, situated in the US state of Atlanta, called for the assassination of US President Barack Obama for “being unfriendly towards Israel”.  Andrew Adler wrote in his op-ed column published on Saturday, January 21st that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must order Mossad operatives in the US to assassinate President Obama, “because his vice-president will defend Israel”.
 Mentioning the threat Iran poses for Israel, Adler set out three means by which Israel can combat the Iranian regime, amongst which is the killing of the President for the sake of “preserving Israel’s existence”.  He also criticized the diplomacy Washington is using to deal with the Iranian issue.

  Despite not clearly mentioning the name of President Obama, it was clear that the words were directed at him.  This is also not the first time members of the pro-Israel wing threatened or criticized the US President, where recently presidential nominee Mitt Romney held a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition, stating, “This president appears more generous to our enemies (meaning Iran) than he is to our friends (meaning Israel)”.

  Adler later apologized and resigned, stating that what he wrote was for the purpose of merely drawing attention.  Surprisingly, no statements were released from the White House.  However, after careful consideration of the issue, one would realize that this is not the best time for Obama to collide with the Jewish community in the United States.

  Obama, like those before him, realizes the amount of influence the Jewish lobby “AIPAC” has on the United States and it role is supporting and backing presidential nominees.  He also realizes that his existence in the White House is greatly due to this community.  And as a result, he is avoiding any situation that would have any negative consequences or jeopardize his chances at another presidential term.

  I must wonder though, if the writer of the column was Muslim or Arab, how would the US media deal with the situation?  Undoubtedly, the column would cause issues with the country the writer is a citizen of, considering that the matter threatens US national security, a motive for terrorism, and such.

  In addition to that, if the influence of AIPAC in the United States was not as great as it is, Alder would not have had the audacity to publish his column even if it was merely to draw attention.  He was fully aware that his act would have no negative consequences; and he was right. 

  I doubt that the White House would take any step to denounce or condemn what was stated in the column, or take any action to deter the newspaper or its publisher, not out of fear of the newspaper, but out of fear of those who back and support the newspaper; the same people who support any nominee looking to take position at the White House.

   What is being done by AIPAC in the United States is a result the systematic activity that has been taking place for years.  Therefore, it is required of all communities within the US to benefit from the Jewish experience and their systematic and organized activity…and the Muslim community is no exception, especially due to its rapidly increasing population and its positive influence on American society.

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