الأربعاء، 22 يونيو، 2011

Life is still a great teacher

  Life was, and will still continue to be the best teacher you have ever met in your life... This is not a proverb, but a fact. I am writing this short article after reading a report about a Brazilian woman, whom was officially recognized as the world's oldest person; she died just weeks from her 115 th birthday. 

   Maria Gomes Valentim died of multiple organ failure. An interesting statement was made to a local newspaper by her granddaughter, 63 years old: "she has lived long, because she has always taken care of her own life and not meddled in the lives of others". 

   She did not meddle in the lives of others; what an important characteristic. She was living her life peacefully with others. This is an important behavior that is encouraged if we are really looking for a peaceful and healthy life.

   No need for a list of advises. Everyone knows how to live and how to be happy in his/her life, but all we need is some willingness to live in peace... isn't it so?


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