الحياة مدرسة.. أستاذها الزمن ودروسها التجارب

الأربعاء، 12 يناير 2011

Not all Americans are bad

   America is neither a state of evil, nor the symbol of it.  This fact must be clear while we're looking and studying this giant country.. no doubt  that USA  is the most powerful empire in this era, but  it seemed to the world as an empire of evil, and that is because of  what it has done by some people of that empire, whether in the form of individuals or institutions, but we still  can’t  generalize this judgment. 

   I want with this introduction to show you a speech was given by an American politician, who is a member of the Republican in the House of Representatives District No. 14 in the state of Texas, named Ron Paul , who was a candidate to contest the presidential elections in 2008 for the Republican Party.

    In his speech, he presents set of questions to Congress about the reality of the United States and why the world look to it negatively, or as a symbol of evil, injustice and tyranny. 

    Before you watch the clip, it is useful to read some information about Dr. Ron Paul, that may show to you that good and right could be found everywhere in the United States of America, regardless what the Government acts and behaves around the world. 


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